Thursday, July 2, 2009

I thought you were being sarcastic

That's usually a safe assumption.

So, last night I watched the Johnny Depp biography and I nearly passed out. He's seriously such a wonderful actor with a fabulous career. I love the fact that he broke out of the cage that Hollywood type-casters and image hogs were chaining him up in. He truly is something else entirely.

I could go on for hours about him, but I choose not to. I'll spare you.

I also watched The Strangers last night. I hadn't seen it since around this time last summer and it still scared me. I think it's horror genius, really. I mean, there's barely any music. And the only music that is featured are the old country records and the composition in the background of music that is so eerie it barely sounds like music at all. Plus, the fact that it looks like you could actually be there, with them, is truly frightening. As well as the fact that they were murdered in broad daylight. Oh, and the masks. The fact that the killers are completely expressionless until the very end when the masks are removed is badass. Bravo Bryan Bertino. 

So, ta-ta for now.
I leave you with this little piece of Seth Cohen heaven.

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