Sunday, July 19, 2009

Glamour never fades!

So. I love Drew Barrymore and she's making her directorial debut with a little something called Whip-It
It's looks like a cute little "I'm from a small town and it suffocates me, but I make it 
big" movie. Ellen Page is adorable and the supporting cast seems wonderful (Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig included). Alia Shawkat (aka Hannah from "State of Grace") appears as Bliss' best friend. Sweetness.

I also saw Grey Gardens a while back with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. It was absolutely delightful. It was also sad and depressing at some points, but for the most part an enjoyable HBO film. Drew as Little Edie was just brilliant acting. She made a statement about the fact that she no longer wanted to be viewed as just "the girl who talks out of the side of her mouth" and stars in romantic comedies. And I think she really showed versatility by becoming Little Edie. The worst part of the film had to be when she had to accept the fact that her hair was falling out and then proceeded to rip out and cut her hair, I wanted to cry. The fact that two such beautiful, rich women ended up in such squalor amazes me. But I guess (for lack of a better phrase) that's the way the cookie crumbles. God, I hate that saying. 

I still haven't seen HBP and I'm pretty distraught over this.
I just had to throw that in there. Moving on.

My boyfriend and I were in the middle of a horror movie discussion during a fireworks show this evening with our friends Lou and Santino and he mentioned a film called The Gate. Well, at the time we failed to remember the name of it. However, I later remembered it and I re-watched the trailer via YouTube and I feel that I must see this movie again. I remember seeing it when I was little. It was probably played on the Disney channel back when the ratings system wasn't so damn "selective." I mean, I also just watched an old "Disney Channel Original Movie" called Wish Upon A Star with Katherine Heigl and that movie contains tight black leather, whips, belly shirts and whistling construction workers within the first half-hour or so of the movie and it dawned on me why it can no longer been seen on Disney. But ANYWAY, The Gate was definitely one of those badass late 80s horror films that I must see again. I remember my boyfriend describing it to me one night and it just struck a chord in me and I had to look it up. 

I just remembered the days when Disney used to run Labyrinth every Halloween. I miss those days. Good thing I have it on DVD.

I also went into Border's yesterday and, of course, I had to check out the young adults section (aka teenaged girl chick lit section) and I (don't judge me) picked up a copy of L.A. Candy by none other than Lauren Conrad of "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach" fame (after, of course, being blinded by a shitload of Twilight merch and books. Good grief.) My friend began reading the first page and then handed it to me so that I could see what it said. Apparently the very first page contains sexual references. It also contains very bad writing and is a total work of "autobiographical fiction", I guess you could so generously call it. Lauren Conrad wrote this pathetic novel about herself but her character's name is Jane or Jamie or something of that nature. It was crap. I mean, part of the first sentence says something about how Jane or Jamie is standing in the morning light with her blonde curls falling over her "sun-kissed skin". Like, come on Lauren. You're an actress (and a crappy one at that), not an author! So please, do us all a favor and go back to Free People or wherever it was you worked and fold some damn t-shirts because we don't want to read about how you woke up next to some sweaty pile of male flesh, snoring in your sweet little face. You poor thing. Your upper-upper middle-class upbringing must've done a number on you. 

Yes, that was my daily tangent focusing on my anger towards today's youths. And even though Lauren's not exactly classified as a "youth" anymore, she still supposedly "influences" many youths today. Tsk-tsk Lauren Conrad demographic.

Anyway, back to Labyrinth, the masquerade scene was always my favorite and it's the one I've always remembered this movie for. And the biting faeries. Heh.

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