Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yeah, that's my dog.

There comes a point in everyone's life when one says to themselves, "I wish I was them."

I feel that way right now. Of course, being a seventeen year-old female, this is only one of many times I've felt this way. However, I do not wish myself to be a person. I do not wish myself to be the girl with better hair, the skinnier girl, et cetera.

I sometimes wish I were a dog. If you think about it, dogs have beautiful lives. I was just sitting here, giving my puppy Gracie her daily "butt scratchies" and "belly rubs" and I just got to thinking: dogs have the best lives. 

Dogs have it all, I believe. Using Gracie Anne as an example, she's beautiful, she has perfect hair, perfect teeth and above all an incredibly sweet demeanor. Even after I yell at her for doing the dreaded Number Two in the house, or for tinkling a bit of excited Number One on guests and visitors, she will never let me down. I know that when I come home, no matter what hour or from wherever I've been, she'll come running to the door, ears back, tail swinging and knocking things over, to greet me. 

As I look at her now, sleeping under her favorite pink blanket at the end of my bed, she's the best dog in the world. Of course, every owner thinks her/his dog is the best. There's nothing wrong with that because dogs, I think, were put on this Earth to perfectly match the people they are with. At least, that was fate's intended plan (and yes, I am talking about all of those poor, innocent dogs mistakenly paired with abusers and neglecting owners). 

Aside from that heart-wrenching thought, as I said before, I think that "Man/Woman's best friend" really is a truthful title for a dog. When I think about it, Gracie Anne is the perfect dog for me. She has her "blonde moments". She can be sweet. She can be protective. She can be curious, territorial, playful, shy, sad and everything else that makes her perfect. I'm pretty much rambling at this point, but we're talking about puppies here! Everyone should brake for puppies (I'm sorry, that was a bad one. But my witty saying generator isn't exactly up and running fully at 7:30 AM).

Another thing on my mind is the rain. Weather-wise, this summer is terrible. I mean, I haven't been out on the boat as much as I'd like to have been and I wanted to go to the shore tomorrow, but, of course, rain needs to come in at 3 in the afternoon. The weather is just extremely disappointing. So for today, I think bed and movies are my only options. And perhaps Freaks & Geeks via


  1. my pup leon is me
    he sleeps a lot and i svery lazy
    he can jump around and be crazy
    and he likes to move when music is on
    all things i do =D
    this was a cute post, i enjoyed =D

  2. Your dog is adorable. My aunt used to have one that looked just like that. Her name was Tasha. But then she had to be put to sleep :( I miss her. So this post makes me happy :)