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The Rilo Kiley blog

I suppose it's only right to put everything in chronological order, so I guess I'll begin with Rilo Kiley, my favorite band. Typically classified as "Indie- rock" and formed in the late 90s-early 2000s, child star Jenny Lewis and friend (and now ex-boyfriend) Blake Sennett (who also used to date Winona Ryder), Rilo Kiley will forever be a staple in my music library. 

First, in 1999, Rilo Kiley released the 1st pressing of their self-titled album. This album contains 9 extremely rare tracks. A few of which are some of my favorites. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this whole album, however "Glendora" and "Rained the Day" are my favorites. "Frug", "Glendora" and "Rained the Day" are three most upbeat songs throughout the entire album. The songs are mostly about not being able love, loving someone you can't have, hating your mom's evil boyfriend ("Steve") and other somewhat depressing themes. This was probably the last Rilo Kiley album I heard. I basically experienced the entire band's discography backwards, heh.

Girls, if you are or have felt used by a pig of a boyfriend, "Glendora" is for you. Girl power.

Next came the 2nd pressing on their self-titled album. The songs "Always", "Gravity" and "Troubadours or The Annoying Noise of Death" were added to album. "Steve" and "Rained the Day" were ultimately removed. The same review for last album basically goes for this one as well.

In 2001, The Initial Friend EP was released and was basically the final cut from the first two pressings. 

The same year, Take Offs And Landings was released. A wonderful album with my favorites being "Go Ahead", "Pictures of Success", "Science vs. Romance" and "We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try). Again, another emotional fare brought to us by the beautiful Jenny Lewis & Co.

Next, they released a rare vinyl 7" with "Science vs. Romance" and a new song entitled "About the Moon" on it. Never heard "About the Moon". 

Next came one of the very best albums I have ever heard. Released in 2002 on friend Conor Oberst's Saddle Creek records, The Execution of All Things is an indie treasure. From "The Good That Won't Come Out of It" to "Spectacular Views" and the hidden track broken into three which flows in and out as the record moves on, it was simply an amazing musical experience. The hidden track entitled "And That's How I Choose to Remember It" (also the title of this blog) is the story of the divorce of Jenny Lewis' parents. Sad and sung in near whispers, it's a wonderful song filled to the brim with depressing subject matter. But aren't most songs?

Next, Rilo Kiley released "The Execution of All Things" as a single in the UK along with two of their other treasures "Emotional (Until Crickets Guide You Back) and "After Hours (The Velvet Underground)". With the exclusion of the single, the latter two songs are difficult to find but worth the search.

In 2004 came More Adventurous on their own record label, Brute/Beaute Records. The song "Portions for Foxes" appears on this album and was the first Rilo Kiley song I had ever heard. I saw the music video on an episode of the old Fuse show "Oven Fresh". The minute I heard the catchy music and saw the beautiful Jenny Lewis for the first time, I knew that she and her band were something special. The album contains 11 amazing songs that I cannot describe, but I recommend you do experience.  

Next was the Live at Fingerprints EP, containing six songs off of More Adventurous which Jenny and Blake performed live at Fingerprints Records in California. The record is out of print and rare find, but once again, worth it.

In 2004, "Portions for Foxes" was released as a single in the UK along with another song song entitled "A Town Called Luckey". I personally like "A Town Called Luckey" because it's dark and it deals with creepy subject matter such as molestation and "a slender man with a mustache on both sides and nothing in between." Ha. The band also released a second Portions for Foxes CD in the UK and the disc contained another song called "American Wife". The next single they released in the UK was for their song "It's A Hit" and also contained the song "Patiently" which was supposed to be on The Execution of All Things but was ultimately dropped. "Patiently" is a jem and one to be heard. 

After releasing their new song "Moneymaker" in the UK three times, their newest and presumably last album as Rilo Kiley, Under the Blacklight was released on Warner Bros. Records, their first major label after More Adventurous. This was the first album of Rilo Kiley's that I actually bought and did not download. The album had mixed reviews but I personally enjoyed the entire album except for "Give a Little Love". I think that song should have been cut altogether. It doesn't compare to the rest of the album or to the rest of their stuff. I really love "Breakin' Up" (which was later released as a single in the UK along with a remix of it) and "Dejalo". 

And as I've heard on different occasions and as I've learned through internet research, Rilo Kiley is putting together a B-sides and rarities record set to be released in either 2009 or 2010. Hopefully it's a hit!

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