Friday, July 10, 2009

I don't believe we've met, what with the cruel politics of high school and all.

I just realized that I've spent a majority of the past few days watching late 90s teen movies. I've watched Cruel Intentions10 Things I Hate About YouJawbreaker and Teaching Mrs. Tingle(not in that particular order, but whatever). 

Eh, like I said yesterday, Cruel Intentions was really good and it's a classic teen movie. 10 Things is one of my all-time favorites, of course, so no review necessary. Jawbreaker and Teaching Mrs. Tingle were, for a lack of find
ing a better adjective, stupid. I was left unsatisfied with both of them. Although I must say, Helen Mirren was one crazy bitch as the stuffy and semi-British but not really Mrs. Tingle. I've always been a fan. Jawbreaker was just not my cup of t

ea. However, I do love Judy Greer, she's adorable. Her hair wasn't in this movie. It was good in 13 Going On 30.
But anyway, aside from the cliche and o
ccasional idiocy that comes in the teen movie package, I have been dying to go shopping. I haven't had money in what feel like literal ages. I bought nail polish and two bottles of tea at CVS yesterday and I had ten dollars and figured I'd be golden. It tu
rns out of order of a total of 3 objects came out to a grand total of eight dollars. N
ot to sound like a insanely frugal person, but I was shocked that I had to pay so much. I even used my CVS card. It must've been the nail polish because a can of swee
t tea really only costs a little more than a dollar. Oh well, at least the color looks incredible. Fresh and mango-y.

So, here's my wish list of things I wish I had but sadly cannot have due to my lack of financial prowess. 

From Urban Outfitters (my expensive weakness, unfortunately):

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