Monday, July 20, 2009

Lasers! Like in Star Wars!

I'm extremely tired and I get absolutely no sleep these days.
I was supposed to clean my room today and do tons of laundry, iron and do various responsible, adult things but I failed to do so. Instead, I ran off with a friend of mine to his house in extreme suburbia to watch Don Juan DeMarco, starring my love Johnny Depp. I learned that A) The film was not at all about Don Juan, the manwhore; B) It was a cute story about reigniting the spark of love in a dimly-lit relationship with romance and truth; C) Johnny looks so amazing with one of those 17th century, chest-exposing white shirts on. I had a dream he was wearing one when he seduced me...but that's a different story and not one to tell the children. 

I have a terrible headache and am incapable of finishing this post because I'm going on Web MD to look up why the back of my head hurts like hell. And I didn't hit my head. Ooof.

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