Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wanna join me?

So, as it just so happens my third favorite redhead in the the whole world (although not truly a redhead) and also my girl crush Evan Rachel Wood is going to appear on my new favorite show, "True Blood" as Louisiana's vampire queen Sophie Anne Le Clerq. I am extremely excited and as I've been reading up on the character (based on her story and description from the books by Charlaine Harris), I imagine that Wood will satisfy audiences with her turn as a vampire queen. 

I think based on these photographs and the quick yet revealing Comic Con preview (and her seemingly adorable wardrobe), she'll make a killing. At least, I think so.

Onto other blood-related news, I've been following Karyn Kusama's film Jennifer's Body ever since it was labeled an in-developement project on IMDB. Also written by Oscar-winning witty scribe Diablo Cody, it's a story about a modern-day succubus who has a penchant for killing the boys in her high school class. Based on the latest cover of Fangoria, it looks like Jennifer's Body might just be a creepy yet potentially campy horror treat:

I'm not exactly Megan Fox's biggest fan, but let's hope she doesn't mess this up. However, I have faith in Ms. Cody. Let's hope Juno wasn't her only brainchild.

Plus, Amanda Seyfried stars as a girl called Needy Lesnicky. You can't get any cuter than that.

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