Monday, September 7, 2009

Come on Eileen

It's been a while since I last wrote something on here. I can't remember where I left off exactly, but I know much has happened since then.

Let us begin with my review of Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen in True Blood: *smiles* She was amazing, as usual. The role's juicy and perfect for her and I honestly don't know anybody who could pull off a young, malicious vampire queen quite like she could. Unless a young Helena Bonham, no, now's not the time for that. 

Even as she fed on a girl's leg and had blood dripping down her chin, she still looked absolutely fabulous. 

I also recently purchased Pretty Persuasion and then, obviously, proceeded to watch it. I'd been reading about the film for quite sometime courtesy of IMDB (they should be sending me a check for endorsement). Already being a fan of ERW, I picked the movie over a copy of Almost Famous

In case you're wondering, I did enjoy the movie. However, the ending was completely depressing and upsetting. The final scene was ERW's character Kimberly Joyce, crying. And that was it. What started out as a funny independent film turned out to be a sad bummer. The audience discovers as the film progresses (I'm going to spoil this for everyone because I highly doubt any of you have ever even heard of it, let alone are going to go out and buy the movie and view it) we discover that there is a reason for Kimberly's cynical, sarcastic and bitchy behavior. Her father's an all-around creep (excellently portrayed by James Woods, creep extraordinaire), her step-mother is about ten years older than her (and she's about fifteen), and her biological mother basically neglects her (seen in the scene where Kimberly has a five second conversation on the phone with her, before she abruptly cuts her off and says she had to go). 

Anyway, after a slew of bullshit insanity ensues, we learn that the real reason Kimberly falsely accuses her drama teacher of sexual harassment is because her best friend Brittany's new boyfriend once "belonged" to her. Once he found out that Kimberly had engaged in anal sex with a supposed "loser" at school, he called her a few offensive names and they broke it off. She destroyed quite a few lives over a boy.

GIRLS: DO NOT LET A BOY RUIN YOUR LIFE (and then let that cause you to ruin about 20 other people's lives).

Life lessons aside, I've been listening to Blink-182 a lot lately. They used to be one of my favorite bands but alas, my tastes have changed (and I happen to think for the better). I know that they're on tour now (although some of the dates have been postponed due to DJ AM's tragic death) and I've also heard that they aren't what they used to be. That's for sure. I think that happens with a lot of bands.

It even happened to Death Cab for Cutie. After Plans, I feel like they really aren't what they used to be. They're one of my favorite bands but once they signed to a major label, it was different. I still respect them as musicians and I'm not going to bash their newer stuff, but I'm just not feeling it like I used to when listening to Lack of Color, Tiny Vessels or Lowell, MA. 

Well, instead of sighing over these changes, I've discovered a new redhead I've taken a liking to lately. Her name is Alison Sudol (aka A Fine Frenzy). I realize that her song "Almost Lover" was on Top-40 lists and such a while back but I tend to disregard Top-40 songs. But just recently, I listened to "Almost Lover" and the song really touched me. I can relate. And there's two things I look for when listening to music: if I can feel what they feel and if it can musically move me. I have to say, Frenzy did a fine job at doing both. The lyrics are sweet and sad; they'll make sense to anybody who's ever been in a long relationship with unrequited feelings. 

"My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do"

Brings a tear to my eye! So here's a little redheaded magic for you.

I think that's about it for now.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I have a job. Yay me.

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